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Therapeutic Reflexology and Meridian Therapy

Lucielle Larmuth

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What is Therapeutic Reflexology?

Therapeutic Reflexology is a modern Western therapy in which pressure is applied to distinct areas of the feet. Although the precise methods of reflexology are new, similar forms of foot massage therapy have been practiced in different parts of the world for many centuries.


Reflexology helps to balance all the body systems, stimulating an under active area and calming down an overactive one, while it is harmless to those areas that are functioning correctly. Since all the body systems are closely interrelated, anything that affects one part will ultimately affect the whole, so that reflexology helps the body to heal itself.



Meridians - A Network of Energy Lines

Acupressure is based on the fundamental knowledge that there exists a network of energy lines throughout the body called meridians.


These energy lines are the conduit for the vital force which flows through the body rather like the current of a river. This vital force can become blocked or stagnant like water whose flow has been interrupted. This is exactly when we become unwell and disease sets in. Our health and well-being are dependent on the harmonious flow of the energy in the body, nourishing and balancing our cellular systems. The vital force can be brought into balance by the application of acupressure on the acupoints.



Historical Practice Of Pressure Therapies

The Chinese practiced various pressure therapies at least 5000 years ago and developed the art of acupressure into an accepted and respected healing system. The connection between acupressure and acupuncture is very close, however, the Reflexologist uses reflex points and acupoints on the feet.


The oldest documentation depicting the practice of reflexology was unearthed in Egypt. A pictograph from c2,500 - 2,330 BC, was found in the tomb of an eminent Egyptian physician, Ankhmahor, at Saqqara.


International Recognition Of Therapeutic Reflexology

From the late 1900's there has been a worldwide expansion in Reflexology practice and teaching and consequently in the acceptance of Reflexology a health modality. The teaching of Reflexology has blossomed and training institutions have been established worldwide. Research in Reflexology is currently receiving attention in all the countries where there are professional associations. Research collaboration is also occurring with the medical profession and in certain countries Reflexology has been given recognition and acceptance as a health science, receiving government accreditation.


Therapeutic reflexology in South Africa is accepted at government level as a registered health profession.



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